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Ship technical and maintenance documentation design.
Calibration of ship and shore tanks.
Onboard software "DraftMaster" installation for exact calculation of quantity of bulk cargo.
Survey services:
- Preloading inspection of cargo.
- Inspection of cargo while loading / unloading.
- Tally of all kinds of cargo.
- Marking and sorting of cargo.
- Sampling.
- Laboratory testing.
- Weighing of cargo.
- Inspection of a condition of containers and tank-containers.
- Radiation control of cargo.
- Inspection of cars and trailers.
- Sealing / unsealing of ship holds, cars, containers.
- Measuring of oversized cargo.
- Ship holds inspection.
- Ship damage inspection.
- Hatch cover watertightness inspection.
- On(Off)-Hire inspection of a vessel .
- Presale inspection of a vessel.
- Draft survey.
- Ullage survey.
- Bunker survey.
- Quantity and quality inspection of round and plank timber.